Art projects that merge with their surroundings in public spaces in a unique way produce the best tourist attractions. Our art applications lead to a large increase in visitor numbers and public flows from home and abroad.

Store Traffic

The added value of art that Mothership provides is visible, among other things, in the area of store traffic.

We create concepts to attract the public and to offer visitors a unique experience that leads to a longer stay and greater turnover for entrepreneurs.


Our expertise lies in telling the story of the location. Every place has a different environment and different meanings for its users. These ingredients are the basis for our story.

With art and culture as our starting point, we create new stories for our clients to pass on; in that sense, we are contemporary storytellers.

Area Development

Mothership is increasingly asked to develop a vision for a city or area development. We advise the municipality and/or project developer and offer a vision with a suitable concept. Then we elaborate the plan and take care of implementation.

These projects often have a major social impact. Everything, of course, is based on our starting point: ‘the power of art is communication’.


Giving meaning to ‘places’ is the essence of placemaking. The public space is the social network of a city; it must be in order if it is to be experienced as safe and pleasant.

Based on research and conversations with residents and users, Mothership develops a concept that improves a certain place, gives it meaning and visibility again. In this way we ensure the positioning or repositioning of a place.

Energy Transition

The transition from old, fossil-based energy to new, CO2-neutral forms is complex. There is a lot of resistance against the arrival of windmills and fields full of solar panels.

We use our expertise to use artistic interventions to turn the aesthetic design and positioning of these new forms into projects that are accepted and even embraced. The separate entity Sunny Site Up was created for this purpose.

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