Geert Mul’s “Kunstwerk-Almere” unveiled

Tuesday, January 10, 2023 unveiled “Kunstwerk-Almere,” Geert Mul’s work in front of the facade of Almere Centrum Station, which is currently undergoing a major renovation.

The 13-meter-long enchanting work of light art keeps slowly changing color. The color scheme moves as it were through the seasons, from sunrise to sunset. The contrast of the slow shifting rhythms of nature with the tight travel schedule of train passengers leads to an ever-changing image.

‘Kunstwerk-Almere’ shows the complex relationship of the city with water. From future-proof city built on the former seabed to city by the water, not avoiding associations with rising sea levels. Pride about the origins and an indefinable feeling about the future exist side by side. For where Almere has been conquered from the sea, the question is whether culture has forever won over nature.

In a dreamy, surreal way, the work portrays that relationship. Is this the sea from which Almere was reclaimed? Or is this a vision of Almere as Atlantis? The image gives space to experience public space in a different way. The station area with Mandelaplein is currently being transformed from a stony, unpleasant public space into a place with quality that offers users a pleasant experience. With gardens and paths and new paving; focused more on the human scale than on traffic flows.

Kunstwerk-Almere adds a special experience to this by literally and figuratively illuminating this renewed location and thus allowing everyone to experience the quality of Almere.

The opening of the renewed station will take place on February 1.

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