Spotlight On:
Spotlights tell the story of the Drechtsteden

More than a year of solid preparation preceded it, but on 14 November the time had come: the kick-off of the Spotlights On! project. Under the inspiring leadership of journalist and presenter Bas van Werven, it was explained to the guests why the Drechtsteden were put in the spotlights at this very moment.

Spotlights On was developed by Mothership to conclude the commemoration of the Elizabeth flood 600 years ago. This flood created the area we now call the Drechtsteden region, where water has played and continues to play such a major role. It has proved to be a determining factor in the qualities of the region. The water that was seen as an enemy has now become a friend as the region’s connector and connection to Rotterdam and the Nieuwe Waterweg.

The Drechtsteden region consists of seven cooperating municipalities, with a tremendous amount of important companies. Mainly, thanks to that same water, maritime (world-famous), but also significant in other industries such as innovation and research, from small to large.
In the coming years, this Drechtsteden region will join forces in various fields; from education to tourism, and from water management to innovation.

Bas van Werven led the invitees at Fokker’s headquarters in Papendrecht past the opportunities and challenges that will arise in the coming years.

The light was lit that evening by Queen’s Commissioner Jaap Smit, Mayor Kolff of Dordrecht and Chairman of the Economic Development Board Sjoerd Vollebrecht. From then until Saturday 19 November, the region was literally in the spotlight due to a successful collaboration with government and business. It is a prelude to subsequent wonderful projects in the near future.

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Previous projects in the Drechtsteden region

Mothership has been working for the region for many years. This has led to several great projects including King’s Day (2015), Observatorium’s Beaver Bridge (2018) and the Iconic Communication project proposal (2019-2021).