Enchanting light artwork in bridge keeper’s houses

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Bridge Keepers’ Houses Foundation, bridge keepers’ houses will be spotlighted in 12 cities across the country. SPOT ON! is a light art project taking place from November to January 2023. It calls attention to the meaning and value of these cottages, which are increasingly losing their original function. In collaboration with local residents and stakeholders, several city poets have written a poem especially for the occasion, fitting the cottage. The central element of SPOT ON! is that each bridge keeper’s house will be equipped with a poetic work of light art in which a line of poetry from the poem will be highlighted. .

This line of poetry expresses the value the bridge keeper’s house has for local residents, passers-by and other stakeholders. They inspired the poets who were invited to do so in the participating cities.
In collaboration with Mothership it was decided to have all the houses designed by one artist. After research, Mothership selected Marco Broeders.

Marco Broeders (Dongen, 1970) works under the name Co2RO a lot in abandoned industrial buildings and stripped factory halls, where he looks for other functions for the existing urban space. He uses light sources to bring dead spaces to life.
Broeders develops a unique design for each house. The architecture of the bridge keeper’s cottage, its size and location, and the line of poetry create a unique play of light at each location.

On 11 November, the starting shot was fired in Zwolle for SPOT ON! with the unveiling of the line of poetry at the little house on the Schoenkuipenbrug. On 24 November, the unveiling of the cottage at the Zaagmolenbrug took place in Marco and Mothership’s hometown. Light artworks will also be lit at the other participating cottages in the coming weeks.

SPOT ON! can be seen in every city during the winter months.

Mothership supervises the production of the light artworks. With thanks to Marjan van Gerwen of the Bridge Keepers’ Houses Foundation.

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