A first at the Wereldhavendagen!

The well-attended event on September 2, 3 and 4 in the port of Rotterdam will be the scene of a first: a pre-announcement of a spectacular light artwork that Mothership designed for four bridges in the Drechtsteden area.

After the magnificent light show during the Eurovision Song Contest, ‘The Swan Flies’, the honor is now given to a typical port phenomenon. For an enormous crane pontoon is given wings and dances over the river towards the Drechtsteden! The Crane flies above the city!

With this unique event we are drawing attention to a large light show in the autumn. The Crane will be a ‘small’ part of the boat parade on Saturday, September 3.

Because from 14 to 19 November, the Mothership concept will put the Drechtsteden in the spotlight. Something that does not really suit the nature of the inhabitants, for whom modesty is more important than pride. And proud they may be, those inhabitants, because their region develops and houses maritime companies that are known all over the world for their innovative expertise.

Unique to the region? The water – as enemy and as friend, as separation and connection. That is why our concept involves putting iconic bridges plus the Drierivierenpunt in the spotlight. From these locations, enormous beams of light are waving and can be seen for miles around. And each one tells its own story about that specific spot, about the beauty and strength of the region. Because everyone agrees that this region deserves these spotlights. Now it’s up to the residents themselves: more confidence and more pride!

The underlying assignment for Mothership? To help put this region firmly on the map as an area that deserves attention and where it is good to live, study and work. Also for young talent! Mothership will develop the project with all the associated Drechtsteden, and is a strategic partner of DEALDRECHTSTEDEN.