The Pontoon Boulevard

Almere Centrum is located on the Weerwater; where there used to be the sea, and where land was reclaimed from the water to build the city, there is now ‘water again’, a large lake. Because of its central location, the Weerwater is gaining more and more meaning for Almere and the quay is becoming more and more fun and lively. The new Esplanade on the waterfront now has a real beach and accompanying pavilion where it is always busy. And it was precisely there that an enormous construction briefly lay in the water.

It took a lot of work this time, but on May 6 it was really beautiful: the Pontoon Boulevard! An impressive long walkway across the water, from the Esplanade, next to the beach. As part of the Sea-Green Carpet, especially for Floriade, the public could view the city from the water for three weeks; a beautiful sight.

Mothership designed the 180 meter long floating pier, reaching out to the Floriade grounds on the other side of the Weerwater. At the end of the pier there is a circulation. The whole thing consists of pontoons that were specially manufactured for the waterfront. They are made of durable material and are rented out afterwards.

At the end of the pier was a large square, the circulation, with in the middle a water artwork in the form of a geyser, by artist Meike Justine Ziegler. This work, ‘Nieuw Flevo Peil’ (NFP), was created in collaboration with the future museum M: an interactive fountain that propelled water upwards to the rhythm of the heartbeat of the residents of Almere. Residents were asked what made their hearts beat faster, and this was converted into a pulse.

A special experience for visitors to the Floriade and the residents of Almere!

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