Power Flower

Mothership also designed the Power Flower, a spectacular light show that has been lighting up the sky above the Weerwater like never before since it opened on April 13. With the advanced lighting technique that was also used during the Eurovision Song Contest, on the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam…

Twenty lamps in a Tennet high-voltage pylon in the middle of the lake make a festive flower of light bloom every evening between sunset and midnight for the duration of Floriade, 180 days. The flower changes character, shape, color. The new flowers are designed together with the residents of Almere.

In the dark, a fairy-like atmosphere is created on and around the water, with the light reflecting on the dark mirror of the water’s surface. An evening walk along the Esplanade will be extra special. Power to the Flower!

Thanks to Tennet and Spie, this wonderful installation on the water could be realized.

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