In 2009 the construction of a special building started: the Markthal in Rotterdam. The Markthal comprises of 228 apartments, 1600 m2 of catering, 1200 parking spaces and 96 market stalls. The building was opened by Queen Maxima in 2014 and has since been on all (inter) national “must see” lists for tourists. The Markthal put Rotterdam back on the map in a very special way and Mothership played a large part in that success. The architects MVRDV and project developer Provast made use of the proven expertise of Jeroen Everaert with the request to add a spectacular ceiling to the building in order to make the striking design even more iconic. Mothership developed a concept for the 11,000 m2 measuring ceiling to attract visitors and to extend their staying time, thereby increasing the turnover for the entrepreneurs. This set-up was extremely successful.



Concept of the artwork


Mothership was asked to propose artists who were able to translate the concept optimally. Jeroen Everaert immediately suggested Arno Coenen as the best match, but client Provast wanted to be able to make a choice from several options. That is why ten other artists were approached to shape the concept in their own way. Following the presentations by the artists, the jury finally decided to give the order to Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam, the first inspiration from Jeroen Everaert! Based on the briefing prepared by Mothership, these artists worked out a design that included all the desired elements. “Horn of Plenty” could be realized and soon got the name “the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam”. Because the work was so large, a company had to be found outside Europe to guarantee the high quality of the large image. This turned out to be the world-famous Pixar studio that turned the designs into a beautifully sharp, richly colored world. At the request of and with guidance from Mothership, a specialized company printed the acoustic panels of the ceiling with the latest sublimation technology. This entire process had to be completed within a few months and therefore required the utmost of all parties involved. 



Role of Mothership


Mothership’s expertise in the field of communication and branding by art was used in the development of the concept and the total supervision of the creation of the work of art, as a  key player between all parties involved.



Added value


With “Horn of Plenty”, Mothership has proven how great the added value of an iconic work of art can be. In the first five years, 38.5 million people found their way to the Markthal. the. That is more visitors to the Market Hall per year than to the Eiffel Tower! As a store-generating element, art has proven to be a factor that cannot be underestimated. However, the role of the Markthal has now become much greater. The building occupies an essential place in the communication of the city of Rotterdam and is the prime tourist attraction. The growth of tourism in Rotterdam increased by 80% between 2014 and 2019 and the capitalized international media value has now risen above € 150 million. The (inter) national press and social media are also fond of the above the heads of visitors tumbling images.Horn of Plenty is a great PR catalyst. The added media value of the building is so high that the building is constantly shared by (press) and visitors via (social) media. This has made it one of the great icons of Rotterdam. And the most telling talk? The “Kunsthal” … “Most extraordinary ceiling painting that will cheer every visitor’s eye! Exuberant and full of life! ” “Experience the painted arch ceiling of the Markthal in Rotterdam! It’s whimsical and vibrant! ”

“More than a bit in love with the ceiling at Markthal in Rotterdam.”