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At the end of 2015, one of the largest inner-city shopping areas of this decade was realized at a location in the city center of Amsterdam under the name Nowadays. This entrance area of ​​the city was to receive an economic boost and should act as a magnet for shoppers and passers-by. The existing outdated passage made way for an passage with allure that reconnected the Damrak and Nieuwendijk.

In order to give this passage the intended grandeur, Bouwinvest wanted a tile tableau in a central location. To realize this, an appeal was made to the creative expertise of Jeroen Everaert.

His advice was to think big, to make a real passage instead of a walkthrough. Instead of adding a single art application,he suggested to make one total artwork of the passage and make a special experience for shoppers. Approaching it this way an iconic environment could arise, such as the Markthal that had previously grown into a huge tourist attraction thanks to Mothership who had the vision for and realised the iconic ceiling.





Referring to the history of the famous passages in Europe, such as the Passage du Grand Cerf in Paris and the Hubertus galleries in Brussels, Mothership developed a fitting concept for Amsterdam. Starting from classical materials with a new twist, the entire passage had to feel timeless with an iconic look, with glass mosaic, terrazzo, chandeliers and baroque details.

For the content, Mothership went looking for artists who could provide this concept with the necessary contemporary twist





Mothership selected five artists / combinations and presented their work to the clients. The choice fell on Hans van Bentem (known for his glass chandeliers) and Arno & Iris (the artists of the Markthal).

Under the title “Amsterdam Oersoep” the trio presented a real experience. The entire passage is a homage to the Amsterdam canals, the source where all the creative energy of generations of Amsterdammers is stored. From old bicycle frames and empty bottles to the brushes by Rembrandt and the ear of Van Gogh. The water gives and the water takes it away. According to evolutionary theories, we owe the origin of life on earth to the water.

The chandeliers from Van Bentem (referring to discarded bicycle parts) and the bizarre and baroque mosaics on the floor and ceiling of Coenen and Roskam (the bottom and the water surface of the canals with everything that you encounter therein) form a breathtaking spectacle, a special underwater world. And as an extra there is the fish head cast in bronze. Visitors to the passage can tap a bottle of Amsterdam Oersoep!



The role of Mothership


Mothership challenged the client to think big and to tackle the passage as one big piece of art. Mothership came up with the concept, selected the artists, supervised the process of the artists and coordinated the implementation of the total between all parties involved.



Added value


The total artwork has turned out to be a magnet for tourists from the Netherlands and abroad. The Beurspassage is now among the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum on the most visited cultural destinations in Amsterdam.

“The arched passage known as the Stock Exchange Passage on Amsterdam’s Damrak has turned into  a stunning artwork. The eye-catching piece dazzles with the kind of prestige and splendorous detail typical of the listed buildings that lend Amsterdam its grandeur. ”