Iwan Smit mirrors the city

A striking work of art has recently been hanging next to the main entrance of the renovated Almere Centrum station. The wall on which it hangs is in a partially covered passageway that connects the bus station with the Stationsplein.

Kroonenberg Groep recently redeveloped a number of former workspaces on this square. During this work Lesley Bamberger (CEO Kroonenberg Groep) became familiar with the Zeegroene Loper, Mothership’s concept for the greening and enhancement of the attractiveness of the center of Almere. His enthusiasm for this took the form of a desire to add a work of art to the Seagreen Ribbon.

Kroonenberg and Mothership jointly formulated a commission that also fitted in with the ambitions of the Municipality of Almere for the station and the surrounding area. At the request of Mothership, the artist Iwan Smit created a beautiful colorful work entitled ‘City on Water Mirror’. The sculpture tells the unique story of Almere, the city built on the seabed, fitting in with the line of the Sea Green Carpet. He was inspired by characteristics of Almere that everyone recognizes, such as the striking buildings along the Weerwater, the mascot Ally the Monkey of soccer club Almere City and the water and greenery of the city.

The light artwork was festively unveiled by Lesley Bamberger, Danny Louwerse (Municipality of Almere) and Jeroen Everaert (Mothership). City on Water’ adds a special experience for shoppers, residents and users of the station.

Lesley Bamberger, ceo Kroonenberg Group: “In many of our projects we add art. Art provides an additional experience for visitors to an area. It inspires and sometimes stimulates new thoughts. We are very pleased with the work of art by Iwan Smit that is a special representation of the important elements of Almere. It is a work of art that you can keep looking at and always discover something new. That makes it extra special.”

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