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Part of the Sea Green Carpet

During a festive moment, Lesley Bamberger (CEO Kroonenberg Group), Danny Louwerse (Municipality of Almere) and Jeroen Everaert (Mothership) unveiled the artwork City on water mirror. The work of art should be an experience for the shopping public, the residents of the surrounding houses and the passers-by of the station. The work of art tells the story of Almere and is part of the Sea-green carpet, devised by Mothership.

Green is rightly a theme for many cities. Green has many meanings: healthy, sustainable, clean energy, young, not to mention trees and plants. Every city wants to radiate this and therefore green is not unique. But Almere has a unique history; the city that was built on the seabed. There are few cities that can claim this. Almere gives substance to this by means of the Sea Green Carpet – an art route that runs from the station to the Weerwater. In cooperation with Mothership, various art and cultural projects have already been realised in the city centre for the Sea Green Ribbon.

During the redevelopment of Metropool, on the site of the former Station Offices, Kroonenberg Group decided to add a work of art in line with the Seagreen Carpet. Together with Mothership a commission was formulated that also met the wishes of the Municipality of Almere and fit in with the image around the station.

The wall for which the light art work was made stands in a partially covered passageway that connects the bus station with the Stationsplein. Shops are located opposite the wall and the entrance to the dwellings in the Metropole development is also situated there. Right next to the wall is the main entrance to the renovated station.

Lesley Bamberger, CEO Kroonenberg Group, “We add art to many of our projects. Art provides an extra experience for visitors to an area. It inspires and sometimes stimulates new thoughts. We are very happy with the work of art by Iwan Smit, which is a special representation of the important elements of Almere. It is a work of art that you can keep looking at and keep discovering something new. That makes it extra special. Iwan Smit’s work oscillates between heavy themes and lightheartedness, often resulting in colourful worlds with a dark twist. For Stad op waterspiegel he drew inspiration from the recognisable values of Almere, ranging from the skyline, football, Ally the Monkey and, of course, the indispensable water and greenery.