In the media

Major developments are taking place in Zwolle, particularly in the Spoorzone. From the front of Central Station to far in the direction of the IJssel River, a new district is emerging. With innovative businesses, art and music courses, a museum annex, more attention for pedestrians and cyclists and room for more residents. Because the city is growing, both in size and quality.

Mothership is proud to be a part of these developments and to give an extra boost to the new places that are being created.

Such as at the Lubeckplein, where a gigamural mural of 325 square metres in colour, 21 metres high and 16 metres wide, covers a wall covered with 9800 tiles. The square was known to be bare, empty and unsociable. With the recent redesign, it has already become more of a place to stay, greener, with water and seating areas. But now! An all-seeing eye lovingly watches over the square, the city gate also provides access to this district, the stylised Zwolle church tower comes to take a look at the new part of the city. An iconic enrichment of the area, which brings a cheerful atmosphere.

The design is by Rotterdam artist Thijs Kelder, the execution is done by Lonneke van Zutphen from Zwolle.