Rotterdam once rose like a phoenix from the ashes, a city that has rediscovered itself. The Swan, the bridge connecting the two parts of the city, is the ultimate symbol of regained freedom. If there is one city that has shown resilience, it is Rotterdam. And now, for ‘Open up to the future again’, we start from freedom; freedom to be who you are, to do what you want, to come together and celebrate. With open sights and full of good courage, we will face that future together.


That is why Mothership is providing ‘The Swan’ with wings this Song Contest week. The flying swan can be seen every day between 22:00 and 0:00 hrs and on Saturday between 22:00 and 01:00 hrs.


In addition to the lights on the Erasmus Bridge, the Depot and the Maassilo will also be specially lit this week.

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