The power of art is communication

Mothership is spreading her wings. Having strived for years to add art in public spaces as an added value, we started to work more strategic for the last two years. We fulfill the leading role for establishing communication and attract people to certain locations. More and more often we are consulted to realize touristic attractions and that really pays off. The power of art is communication!

Collaborations with policy makers, reputable architects and designers. That is what comes first at Mothership. And it works. In this newsletter there are again several projects that gained a lot of media attention.

In the next newsletter we will present several prestigious projects on which we are working at this moment.

    Photo: Leonieke Hinse

    The First National Youth Commemoration

    For years The National Committee for 4 and 5 May is trying to involve youth in the commemoration for war victims and have them think about this in a different way. The traditional way of commemoration does not connect with their perception. For this reason The Luxor Theater, the Hofpleintheater and Mothership joined hands to intrigue this focus group and to create media attention in order to make it a part of the annual memorial in different parts of the Netherlands.

    The first National Youth Memorial took place in the heart of Rotterdam on Thursday May 4th. The intention of this commemoration was to draw extra attention to Remembrance Day for youth. On Liberation Day (May 5th) the youth is present on the dozens of festivals throughout the Netherlands but most of them are not paying any attention to Remembrance Day.

    During the Remembrance Day concert at the Laurens Church an enormous artwork was created by tens of children just outside this same church. Over 7,000 colored candles formed a symbolic image, designed by the artist Iwan Smith. While creating the artwork several passers-by, children and peers wanted to contribute in this special way of remembrance.

    Other parts of this special night were the Smartphone Orchestra, in which youth could join a music composition with their smartphone, and a theater play by the Youth Theater Hofplein.

    Given the positive response of the public and the National media attention on television, the radio, the internet and the newspapers we can conclude that our goal has been achieved. Because it is important to convey freedom!


      Photo: Rick Messemaker
      Photo: Rick Messemaker

      Gift for anniversary museum De Pont

      This September Museum De Pont in Tilburg exists for 25 years. To celebrate this De Pont will receive an artwork of the world-famous artist Anish Kapoor in front of the museum. Museum De Pont has 16 artworks by Kapoor in their collection and organized two solo exhibitions of the artist. Mothership is going to collaborate with the Museum, Brabant-C, the municipality of Tilburg and Tilburg City Marketing to bring the artwork of Kapoor to the attention of the world press. The goal is to create a similar attraction on national and international level as created with former artworks of Anish Kapoor in Chicago (Illinois), New York City and Versailles (France).

      The most famous piece of art of Anish Kapoor is beyond any doubt Cloud Gate in the City Centre of Chicago, Illinois. According to the Chicago Tribune, The Cloud Gate is the second largest touristic attraction of the city, trailing only Navy Pier. The first six months after Millennium Park opened over 2 million people visited. Cloud Gate is clearly a significant added value for the City of Chicago.

      What the 19 feet tall artwork will look like is not yet announced, but referring to former works of Kapoor it probably will be something very special.

      The City of Tilburg is becoming the first Dutch city with an artwork of Anish Kapoor in the public space.

      On the 16th of September the sculpture will be revealed.

        Cloudgate, Chicago – Photo : Mr. Elman
        Descension, Versailles - Foto Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

        Congratulations for Feyenoord Rotterdam

        The City of Rotterdam partied, Mothership partied, ‘De Rotterdam’ partied.

        With a victory on Heracles Almelo Feyenoord could become the Dutch champions after 18 years, on Sunday May 14th. And so it did. Dirk Kuyt personally guaranteed a huge party in Rotterdam.

        Commissioned by L’Etoile Properties we provided huge projections on the most iconic building next to the Maas, De Rotterdam, straight after the last whistle. The projections can be admired every day from 9pm to 12pm, until Sunday May 21st.

        The craving for the championship was huge. The release of joy even bigger. The 6,000 visitors of the Biergarten were treated on a warm celebration and a wet cooling off.
        Feyenoord congratulations!

        Feyenoord congratulations!!

          100 years of Luxor Theater

          One hundred years ago the then biggest theater of the Netherlands was built at the Kruiskade in Rotterdam. So we celebrate the 100th birthday of the Luxor Theater! The Luxor asked us to come up with a concept for the celebration of this special jubilee. The result: the artist parade.

          On April 19th the kickoff of this artist parade took place in the New Luxor Theater. The parade consist of live-sized cutouts of artist who have been important in the history of the Luxor Theater. Throughout the city center of Rotterdam full sized statues of national and international artist such as Wim Kan, Andre van Duijn, Waardenberg en De Jong, en Edith Piaf will appear. People will be able to take pictures with their heroes. This way one hundred years of theater history will be visible for every inhabitant and visitor of Rotterdam. Every set consists of a flagpole, a footstool and the cutout of an artist. The name of the Partners of the Luxor will be displayed on the stool.

          Companies and individuals can congratulate the Luxor theater by adopting a set. During the kickoff there were several companies who were very interested in adopting a set. Spido, De Rabobank and Het Havenbedrijf Rotterdam were the first companies to adopt a set right after the kickoff.

          On the route from the old Luxor Theater to the new Luxor Theater a total of one hundred icons will be displayed on the so called ‘red carpet’ route.

            Photo: Luxor Theater

            The Beverbrug

            In between the cities Rotterdam and Dordrecht lays national park De Zaag. In 2016 De Zaag is redeveloped on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat to make the area more attractive to people and animals. One of the new elements is the realization of three watchtowers. Last month we received the final agreement for the construction of the so called Beverbrug (Beaver bridge), one of the first projects by River Art. The construction, designed by artist group Observatorium, has the quality to attract a new group of tourists. The purpose of the bridge is to generate even more attraction for visitors. The Beverbrug amplifies the identity and attractiveness of the area.

            This area is an absolute hotspot for famous maritime companies. However of the 9 million people that visit the area every year there are just a few who know the story of this exceptional region. To focus on this history we have partnered up with RiverArt to place different iconic artworks at the waterside of the river Noord.

            With the creation of this watchtower De Zaag will get a world class attraction.

              Impression: Mothership

              Mothership on German television!

              Mothership has been in the news again! In a documentary of 30 minutes on the German tv station ARD about the redevelopment of Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, architect Rem Koolhaas and Jeroen Everaert were mentioned in one breath. And we are pretty proud of that!

                Art in public spaces

                As art developer Mothership plays an important role in the creative process. Whether we are involved as mediators between client and artist, consultant and problem solvers in area development or concept designer in communication-plans, Mothership creates a sense of place and adds value by incorporating art in the public space.
                Motherships’ main objective is to make art available to as many people as possible so everybody can be touched by art and enjoy it. Everything from city dressing and art as a communication tool to commissioned art and cultural participation.

                Acting as a producer, consultant, mediator and facilitator Mothership brings culture and commerce together creating added value to sites and projects. Incorporating art in the public space not only benefits organizations and artists but also creates added value to society. Founded in 2005 by Jeroen Everaert, Mothership has since realized over 300 art projects in the public domain commissioned by both public and private clients.

                Motherships team consist of specialists from different backgrounds, from digital whizz kids to sociologists and from artists to project managers.

                  Our mission

                  Motherships’ mission as formulated by Jeroen Everaert: ‘creating unexpected confrontations with art in the public realm, and reach and move as many people as possible’. This means that Mothership focuses on art that has the quality to elevate the public spheres to a higher positive level.

                  Retail has become a focus area for Mothership, our most recent major project in Germany, the Ems -Galerie Shopping Mall in Rheine, is a great starting point for further international expansion. Below you can find an overview of recent retail projects that showcase the potential added value art can provide

                    Münsterländische Volkszeitung, 22 september 2016