In Almere, too, developments follow each other in rapid succession. Here the area from the train station to the Weerwater is going to be transformed, literally and figuratively. One of the many squares along the route through the center is the Town Hall promenade. A long and empty square where part of the market takes place, surrounded by high buildings, will be transformed into a city park. The square is part of the Zeegroene Loper, the concept that Mothership has developed for the inner city of Almere.

In the design that LOLA Landscape Architects made for the City Hall promenade, there is room for lots of green, for water and for a special object. In collaboration with Mothership, the idea arose for an elongated, curved and sinuous form of metal, a seating element: the Backbone. The skin of the seven separate parts would be designed by an artist, according to plan.
Mothership is responsible for this. Together with the well-known artist Jan van der Ploeg we developed a striking but natural exterior for the 100 meter long bench. That design naturally falls within the concept of the Sea Green Carpet; the city built on the former bottom of the sea. This idea will be rolled out in Almere in the coming years.
Here, Jan van der Ploeg naturally applied the concept to the color scheme for the Backbone; slowly merging colors of the sea. From blue to green to gray plus all the colors you can find in the seawater.

Because of the high-gloss finish of the object, the surroundings are reflected in it. In this way, as a user, you become not only a spectator but also part of the Backbone of Almere; as if you were looking into the sea water and at the same time seeing yourself and your surroundings again.

Currently, the seating object is being sprayed in color and finished. The Backbone and the City Park will be in use by the end of 2021.