A drones art performance makes a creative statement and asks for world peace

Mothership, Anymotion Productions en Video Agency have decided to partner up and have created a light artwork calling for world peace. The performance is titles ‘ASAP’, which stands for ‘as soon as possible’, referring to the urgency of the current situation. Central to the hope-inspiring performance is an artwork consisting of hundreds of drones taking the shape of a dove of peace, created by Jeroen Everaert from Mothership. The drone show was secretly recorded last week in the middle night, at the iconic De Hef bridge in Rotterdam. The performance was directed by Andre Freysen and Felix Kops from Video Agency and flown by Anymotion Productions. With this light artwork, the three creators wish to make a statement while at the same time provide a beacon of hope for the world.


Drones art performance with a clear message

With the drone show, the makers draw attention to world peace in a surprising and creative way. The performance shows how a dove of peace, which shits on a war tank. This shit then suddenly dissolves and transforms into a flower, symbolizing new life. With this powerful statement the makers show how the international icon for peace is able to create new life and eventually will conquer all. Jeroen Everaert (Mothership): “I hope to inspire everyone with this light artwork, be it with a light and humorous note. The most important thing is that the message should reach everyone: that is why we used the dove of peace, recognized by everyone around the world as a symbol of peace”. The video features music by, among others, the Rotterdam pianist Kevin van Genderen.


Cooperation is key

The performance is independent production by three collaborative partners: Mothership, Anymotion Productions and Video Agency. Mothership is a concept developer in the arts, also known for the last New Year’s Eve drone show and the show on May 5th 2020, when they created a drone show on Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day) to pay tribute to those who work day and night for the freedom and safety of others during the covid-19 pandemic. Anymotion Productions was responsible for the execution and production of the drone show, while Video Agency – under the direction of Felix Kops – recorded and edited the show into a video. The campaign came about on its own initiative. “Doing nothing was not an option. We want to help. Sharing our emotions and showing how horrible we think the current situation is. All partners felt a strong wish to send a message with the video. It is a short but powerful message powerful: “Peace as soon as possible”, says Jeroen Everaert.