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From Friday 10 December onwards, De Bleek, Mark Tennantplantsoen, Catharinatoren and Catharinakerk will shine in fairy lights. The locations symbolise the four natural elements of water (Old IJssel), air (Tower), earth (Mark Tennantplantsoen) and fire (Catharinakerk). By illuminating these special places, visitors imagine themselves in nature, but then in the middle of the inner city. Visitors can enjoy the natural elements that are connected by light and represent Doetinchem’s connection with the region.

An (evening) walk is linked to the project. Starting in the Mark Tennant Park, the natural element ‘Earth’ is symbolised. The trees seem to come to life, to have been plucked from a fairy tale, and are given a luminous glow. The route continues to the Oude IJssel. From time immemorial, the water of the Oude IJssel has connected Doetinchem with the region. The magic of water enchants during the walk along the illuminated waterfront. This symbolises the natural element of water, which plays such an important (historical) role in Doetinchem town centre. Finally, the elements fire (church) and air (tower) can be found at the Catharinatoren. The church itself symbolises the natural element of fire, the warm heart of the city, which gives you the feeling of being back home. The wide-reaching radiators on the tower represent the element air, because from a great distance you can recognise Doetinchem by the silhouette of the Catharinator, with its bright light, high in the sky, above everything and everyone. For the people of Doetinchem, the tower is a beacon, a symbol of solidarity and during Doetinchem VerbindT it is literally the radiant, connecting heart of the region. This route is available free of charge from VVV Doetinchem.