The Casino in Enschede is situated in a very enclosed architectural building that is not exactly welcoming to visitors. The Casino also shares an underground parking garage with the Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital where they also have a hard time getting noticed by visitors. The Casino asked Mothership to help them stand out and make visitors feel more welcome to spend some quality time in their exciting casino. An artwork that is not only welcoming but also makes guests feel happy and excited.

Calvin Sprague has designed a series of beautiful graphic designs to accentuate the unique features the casino has to offer; meeting people, card games, excitement, food and drinks, live music combined with local symbolism. The 110 meter glass wall on the second floor of the underground parking garage and the entrance of the Casino will be transformed into a colourful procession of classy retro style characters and symbols.

Thanks to the efforts of Erna aan de Stegge of KunsWerkt Mothership was able to realise this project. For more information about Erna aan de Stegge and Kunstwerkt please click here.