Just over the Dutch border in Rheine Germany, Herman Klaas Projektentwicklung has developed a brand new shopping-mall, the EmsGalery. Thomas Schaper Design is responsible for the mall’s beautiful interior using natural colours and materials and invited Mothership to join the design team. Motherships’ knowledge and experience was needed to add value to the building and shopping experience and attract extra visitors. Just like the concept Mothership designed for the artwork ‘Horn of Plenty’ in the Markthal in Rotterdam, the artwork should draw extra visitors to the EmsGalery and extend their stay inside the mall leading to increasing turnovers for the shop owners.

Mothership developed a concept for the 5000 square feet ceilings of the mall and invited three artists to design an artwork. Together with the developers and designers of the EmsGalery Mothership chose the design of Dutch artist Margriet Smulders for the three ceilings of the Ems Galery.

Margriet Smulders created the tryptich ‘Ins Blaue hineintraumen’, her largest work to date. Three big panels with photographic still lifes portray the river Ems that flows next to the newly built EmsGallery. The three panels visualize the source ‘Quelle’, the river flow ‘Strömung’ and the river mouth ‘Mündung’. The artwork not only shows the beginning and ending of the river Ems but also symbolizes the human lifecycle form birth to death. Just like in earlier work of Margriet, nature (flowers, water and animals) plays an important role in this artwork. She has also incorporated textiles, referring to the rich textile history of Rheine.

TS Visuals was responsible for the high quality printing of the artwork. Just like they did with the ceiling of the Marthal in Rotterdam, they were again more than able to produce prints in rich colours with a perfect finish and a beautiful depth.

The opening of the EmsGalery received a lot of press coverage in Germany and the Netherlands and showcases the international abilities of Mothership.

Click here to read the artikel in the Münsterländische Volkszeitung.