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Drones in Rotterdam

On 5 May, despite all the Corona obstructions, Liberation Day was celebrated with a fantastic drone show above the Erasmus Bridge. It was not known, because no public was allowed, but it was visible everywhere: on TV and on all forms of social media, images of that heartwarming show appeared.

And so, once again, the transition from the old to the new year was festively marked. In a safe and non-polluting way, without fireworks, but at least as spectacular.

Mothership, Drone Light Labs, Rotterdam City Council and Rotterdam Festivals worked together on a hopeful drone show to welcome the new year. The show has a storyline and was performed and filmed on several nights in the city. For the drone show, a collaboration was established with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, which performed the music to the storyline.

The film was broadcasted on television and can also be seen on youtube.

In 2020, it talked a lot about loneliness and the one and a half metre society. This show should be the prelude to the togetherness and social cohesion that will hopefully be there for us all again in 2021.