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Rotterdam Sportsupport is committed to vital, safe and social sports clubs in the city. During the first lockdown, this club approached Mothership with the heart-warming request for a symbol of support in difficult times.
Mothership designed a ‘heart under the belt’ for all sports volunteers who were suspended by Covid19. It started with this, but grew into a symbol of support for everyone who was part of the great club life in the city.

Sportsupport was already working on a campaign that revolved around the captain’s armband, which symbolises leadership, commitment and unity.

Mothership developed this starting point into a guerrilla action in which all statues and icons in the city were provided with a newly designed captain’s band. The Rotterdam coat of arms with the text ‘Sterker door strijd’ (Stronger Through Struggle) was given a new design, which is more contemporary and more appropriate for the younger generations. The design is by artist Arno Coenen (of the ceiling of Rotterdam’s Markthal). The images called for solidarity and were widely shared on social media.
The next step to raise awareness of the captain’s armband as a symbol of unity and commitment took place in December 2020. In that month the annual conference of Sportsupport would take place, with a start from the Euromast. Because of Covid19 this could of course not take place. But Mothership found a way to support Sportsupport. On 21 December (and for the rest of the month), the captain’s band adorned the wrist of the Euromast. The green band with the proud lion could be seen from far away!

In 2021, this special cooperation will also take on a new form. At the moment, many sportsmen and women can again go out onto the field, onto the track, into the hall, into the swimming pool and into the riding school. And what is even better: finally, the one and only Marathon can be run again on 24 October! A great moment to extend the previous actions and to show the bond of honour and unity again.
This time at the Green Stand, the headquarters of Rotterdam Sportsupport in Rotterdam Zuid. Mothership designed a banner of 14 x 30 meters that will adorn two facades of the building, right on the corner of the street where the marathon participants are running and the public is cheering. An extra festive addition are the forty runners who run along on treadmills on the roof of Green Stand. Why? Because this year the Marathon exists forty years and to mark the departure of the departing general manager of the organisation.

Thus, banner and runners tell the story of Sportsupport, unity in the city, and the Marathon with extraordinary photo and filmgenic images.