In the media

On 8 March 2016, Lagardere’s new high end ‘Fashion Gallery’ opened in the intercontinental terminal at Schiphol Airport.


With white and black marble, chrome and wood, the shop is so efficient and sleek that the request for a work of art in the space was not the easiest. The client still wanted to give the shopping public a special experience, with a wow factor, a stop factor…


Mothership knew what to do and turned the biggest obstacle in the way into an eye-catcher. The ungainly concrete pillar became the canvas for a work of art. Flexible led panels turn the pillar into a large screen that continues in a circle (diameter 4 metres) on the ceiling.


On this LED surface, a 10-minute loop of moving images created by motion designer Eline Wieland sparkles.
The title “connecting worlds . head in the clouds” refers to the passing real Dutch cloud skies and to ‘walking with your head in the clouds’; because you are going on a distant intercontinental trip, or because you are shopping…


In the film, natural elements from all parts of the world are connected with the clouds as background. It has become a beautiful work that surprises, makes you laugh, calms you down and still remains exciting for 10 minutes.


The LED screen was made by Street Communication.


Eline Wieland earlier worked together with Mothership for the opening of Rotterdam Central Station, for which she made the stunning films for the 40-metre long screen.