RiverArts’ main ambition is creating an artistic trail of at least 25 iconic artworks on the shores of the rivers between Rotterdam and Dordrecht. The Netherlands is known worldwide for its close relationship with water. The country is mainly situated below sea level and two thirds of the Netherlands is vulnerable to flooding. The Dutch have spent a large part of the last century developing a complicated system of drainage ditches, canals and pumping stations to keep the low-lying parts dry. The area between Dordrecht and Rotterdam is considered the birthplace of flood control and water management and from it many industries evolved like dam and dike building companies, dredgers, shipyards and even aircraft developers. RiverArt wants to draw attention to this area by using art as a way to communicate about its history. A collection of artworks by famous (inter)national artists will allow visitors to discover the Rotterdam and Dordrecht area in a whole new way. In the coming ten years at least 25 artworks will be realised on the riverbanks by local companies and will draw visitors to experience the history, beauty, nature and vulnerability of this extraordinary part of the Netherlands. The trail of artworks will not only connect Rotterdam and Dordrecht it will also invite tourists to explore the area on foot, by bike, by car or by boat boosting the local economy.

RiverArt invites artists from around the world to submit their designs for artworks that would fit within the boundaries of this strategic RiverArt concept.

The Rotterdam based artist consortium ‘Observatorium’ (Rotterdam), designed the first RiverArt artwork and Dutch artist Yasser Ballemans (Amsterdam) is currently working on the design of the second artwork. You can read more about the RiverArt project in our next newsletter.