This summer on the 5th of July, the second stage in the Tour de France is cycled in the Netherlands. From Utrecht till the finish at the Oosterscheldekering in Zeeland the cyclists race a very special route. Never before cyclists raced through a deep valley like this. And never before the finish was located at sea. Along the tour the cyclists passes several Delta works.

If you concentrate on this: without our water management the Tour de France could never have taken place below sea level. A good reason for Rijkswaterstaat to get extra exposure for living with water during this major sports event.

Mothership is been asked by Rijkswaterstaat to visualize the proud at our water management. Mothership cooperates with Mwah Tekstuele Verwenners (textual pampers) in this.

There’s a lot to tell about water, cycling and winning the game. Mwah unites these themes using a couple of slogans where the humorous touch makes you smile and at the same time explains it the Dutch and their water management to the rest of the world. The art of Mwah will be showed at the Brouwersdam, the Harinvlietsluizen and the Topshuis.

We have already won the battle against water. Winning the second stage is an obvious next step!