In between the cities Rotterdam and Dordrecht lays national park De Zaag. In 2016 De Zaag is redeveloped on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat to make the area more attractive to people and animals. One of the new elements is the realization of three watchtowers. Last month we received the final agreement for the construction of the so called Beverbrug (Beaver bridge), one of the first projects by River Art. The construction, designed by artist group Observatorium, has the quality to attract a new group of tourists. The purpose of the bridge is to generate even more attraction for visitors. The Beverbrug amplifies the identity and attractiveness of the area.

This area is an absolute hotspot for famous maritime companies. However of the 9 million people that visit the area every year there are just a few who know the story of this exceptional region. To focus on this history we have partnered up with RiverArt to place different iconic artworks at the waterside of the river Noord.

With the creation of this watchtower De Zaag will get a world class attraction.