New artwork 'Amsterdam Oersoep' will become a new touristic hotspot in Amsterdam
'Bobbing Forest unveiled!'
'Art has to be accessible to everyone'
'During the Tour de France, more than 190 countries got to see the art of Mwah on their television.'

Who we are

Thank you very much for visiting the website of Mothership. We are excited to tell you about who we are and what we can offer you. Please take your time and experience epic art works!

The power of art is communication

Since the beginning of Mothership, which was founded in 2005, we have initiated more than 500 projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Professional guidance for artists and the business world was the foundation of projects, as aim to make people more aware and closer to art. After a decade, we have developed our self from art producer to concept designer as a result that we are more involved in art projects.


At Mothership we make unique things which are very mediagenic in general. Our work is extremely visible. That is why it seems as a nice place to work. Besides, the team is very active and action- oriented. The art projects that we create are destined for everyone.

Our projects (link to projects) are divided categories where visual art is at the core of each project. Besides, the size and challenge varies from each project. The playground of Mothership has broadened and does not only focus on public areas. Art projects invoke emotions in people and often leave people speechless. The group of artists (Link to artists) we work with, have a broad understanding of experiencing an artwork. The media (link to media), online as well as on paper gives a great overview of Mothership’s activities.

A selection of our clients