Mothership did it again: we produced the winning pictures of De Kracht van Rotterdam (The Power of Rotterdam). TPOR is a photo exhibition and competition – an initiative of Anne Bloemendaal – that offers the city, its residents and photographers a platform that shows everyone in Rotterdam what the city looks like, what it is and what it could be. Young photographers living in Rotterdam capture the power of the city and its residents in various neighborhoods during 24 hours. The twelve winning photos are shown in public space totally different then where they were taken. The result is that residents of the city are shown to each other, and the image of the city becomes more humane.

The twelve huge photos that are to be found at eleven different locations were installed during the first week of December. On December 4 the awards ceremony took place at Motherships neighbor Annabel. The exciting winning photo by Lana Mesic was revealed at the backside of the Schieblock.