In the winter of 2020/2021, Mothership introduced Rotterdam Verlicht! . This year, a number of light art projects are again being carried out at a number of locations in the greater Rotterdam area.

Coolsingel has undergone a metamorphosis in the past year. In order to highlight this transformation in a unique way during these dark days, it was decided to use special lighting. Laser beams follow and emphasise the long lines of the Coolsingel, which are highlighted even more by the redesign.

From the two ends of the canal, the lasers shine horizontally through and past the trees. They meet halfway along the canal. The beams slowly fan out, up and down, and constantly change colour, creating a beautiful interplay of lines.

When you walk or cycle towards the laser, you see the long beams that seem to go up into the sky. When you move away from it, you see the play of dancing points of light where the lasers hit the trees.

See the Coolsingel in a different light!