The photo monument has been revealed!

This took place on Sunday, June 21st, during the ‘Tour de Delta 2015’ with Leontien van Moorsel. The photo monument is a special artwork with a reference to the Tour de France. It shows that the Netherlands is a special (water) country with 13 Deltaworks and it marks the extraordinary finish of the Tour de France in the sea in Zeeland on July 5th, 2015.

Studio Ruwedata designed the photo monument. It’s made of steel and covered with an offshore coating, onto which stickers have been applied. For this artwork we worked together with Heurkens & Van Veluw, Maas Coating and Cubord.

The expectation is that during the upcoming years many cyclists and visitors of the Oosterscheldekering will have their picture taken with the Oosterscheldekering in the background. With this we can show to the world what the Netherlands is capable of: water management on a world level.

Get the picture!