We have a baby! On January 30th, a second prototype tree-buoy was launched in the Aqua Dock at the RDM Campus. An important moment because from this tree-buoy we will learn how to realize the Bobbing Forest in the most effective way. The destination of the Bobbing forest is the Rijnhaven in Rotterdam.

As opposed to the first tree-buoy, the second tree-buoy has no extra  buoyancy. Also, another ‘Dutch’ elm has been planted which is more spherical (type: Ulmus Clusius). And in addition, the tree of the second prototype will be getting fresh water instead of salt water.

The expected completion of the Bobbing Forest will be autumn 2015. 

We are very pleased with the helping hands from GKB groep, Gemeente Rotterdam, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam and W. Smit Duik- en Bergingsbedrijf. Without them we weren’t able to make this experimental phase happen.

Thanks guys!