For years The National Committee for 4 and 5 May is trying to involve youth in the commemoration for war victims and have them think about this in a different way. The traditional way of commemoration does not connect with their perception. For this reason The Luxor Theater, the Hofpleintheater and Mothership joined hands to intrigue this focus group and to create media attention in order to make it a part of the annual memorial in different parts of the Netherlands.

The first National Youth Memorial took place in the heart of Rotterdam on Thursday May 4th. The intention of this commemoration was to draw extra attention to Remembrance Day for youth. On Liberation Day (May 5th) the youth is present on the dozens of festivals throughout the Netherlands but most of them are not paying any attention to Remembrance Day.

During the Remembrance Day concert at the Laurens Church an enormous artwork was created by tens of children just outside this same church. Over 7,000 colored candles formed a symbolic image, designed by the artist Iwan Smith. While creating the artwork several passers-by, children and peers wanted to contribute in this special way of remembrance.

Other parts of this special night were the Smartphone Orchestra, in which youth could join a music composition with their smartphone, and a theater play by the Youth Theater Hofplein.

Given the positive response of the public and the National media attention on television, the radio, the internet and the newspapers we can conclude that our goal has been achieved. Because it is important to convey freedom!