In 2012 Mothership was asked to produce an art piece for the Tiendplein in Rotterdam. Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam were the perfect fit for this assignment. The redevelopment of the public space at Tiendplein was completed on December 12 by turning on the light of the beautiful art piece. Three long years, from concept to realization, end with this ‘finishing touch’. On social media the art has been praised extensively.

‘010 THE WORLD IS YOURS’, sings the steal line drawing of the globe that embellishes the pinnacle of the small pavilion. And rightly so: she looks down on a new meeting place with a bright future. During the day a transparant image that symbolizes the international nature of 010; at night a festive signpost for anyone looking for a fun place at Tiendplein and Kruiskade…the world laid out for you, the stars above you….