Rock and Royal

Commissioned Artwork2006

Rock and Royal was established in 2005 as a trademark of Mothership. Rock and Royal’s core business can be described as “providing personalized advice to help you with your choice of exceptional chandeliers and photo realistic mosaic designs”.

The art of making mosaics and chandeliers dates back many centuries. Today Arno Coenen and Hans van Bentem give these ancient techniques a new twist by creating photo realistic mosaics and peculiarly shaped chandeliers. These works of art are one-of-a-kind, unique pieces, created in dialog with our clients.

Since all of the artworks are hand made, they are precious works. With a typical mosaic or chandelier the costs will quickly run into amounts with five figures, depending on shape, size etc.

The label Rock and Royal has ceased to exist, but you can still contact us for information about the chandeliers and mosaics by sending an email to We would be pleased to exchange ideas and tell you more about all the possibilities.

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