The WOW-factor

Mothership is working with the so called ‘WOW-factor’. This method is used for all kind of projects varying from voluminous projects with allure to more sympathetic projects with a social touch. Founder of Mothership, Jeroen Everaert, explains why the WOW-factor is such an important element in projects.

‘’My challenge is to let people experience the beauty of art and music in their daily lives.‘’

Bringing people closer to art

‘’With Mothership, I try to affect people as a result to get them closer to art. This objective has been made clear throughout the years. Not only for artists and clients, but also for us. An artwork is a perfect tool to connect with people on social media. If people are excited about an artwork, they will share it with their friends and family on any kind of social media. In the end, the artwork will get the attention that it deserves. Projects of Mothership are built around a communication strategy. Within this communication strategy, journalists and bloggers are involved. The project has been a success when visitors share their photos on their social media accounts. I have grown because I believed in myself. Moreover, I believe I gained more experience than contemporary artists. But also, many projects have been set up because of us. This has led to an interesting gamut of clients. I have also graduated from the Art Institute which has helped me with many projects of Mothership. ‘’

Is this art?

It is a big achievement for Jeroen if the audience recognizes the project as a piece of art. It’s his biggest motivation and the biggest reward he could get.

Whether a project is big or small, creating the ‘WOW’ factor is a daily challenge for Mothership. It is the basis for each concept.

‘’My challenge is to let people experience the beauty of art and music in their daily lives.‘’

Do you want the WOW-factor effect for your project? Contact us to see what we can do together.