Royal opening Markthal Rotterdam

We’re sure that you are aware: on the first of October, Queen Maxima opens the Rotterdam Markthal. This makes every citizen in Rotterdam very proud. The opening ceremony (for invited guests only) starts at 3:35 pm. From 4:30 pm the Markthal is open for everybody.

In the evening at around 8 o’clock, the beautiful piece of art “Horn Of Plenty” from Team Arno Coenen comes alive with an impressive animation and bloodcurdling music! Check it out, check it out!

    Photo: Jeroen van Dam

    Buzzzzy bees, caterpillars and ladybugs

    So there’s that Markthal. Very nice, but it brings small animals that do things in their own opinionated way. Now there are a couple of them that drew their own plan and suddenly appear (in a huge size) on prominent buildings in the city. You’ll find them on the way from Rotterdam Central Station to the Markthal. Don’t be afraid, they don’t bite!

    Commissioned by Bureau Binnenstad, Arno Coenen designed the escaped small animals for the project. They are inspired by animals from ‘Horn of Plenty’. Mothership acted as a producer.

      Photo: Mothership

      ‘En route’
      in Rotterdam

      Explore Rotterdam with the best route app there is: Rotterdam Routes. Pull out your groovy shoes from the closet and discover the diversity of Rotterdam.

      You can choose from the moste diverse routes, such as: Rotterdam Naturaly, Rotterdam Icons, Real Rotterdam, Rotterdam Port City and Old & New Rotterdam. Each route contains audio navigation and brings you to, nice, funny and impressive highlights in the city. At each highlight you hear a particular story, told by purebred Rotterdammer(t)s.

      The Rotterdam Routes app was commissioned by the City of Rotterdam (Bureau Binnenstad). It was built in co-operation with Zicht online, YipYip, VideoWerkt and Brand. Led by Natasa Heydra, our Threesome students Emma van Beek, Stephanie Bos en Lotje Chabot invented and worked out the concept. Mothership acted as project manager.

      Get the app for free in the stores, visit:

        The Power of Rotterdam

        On September 12, mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb, opened the third edition of “De Kracht van Rotterdam” (the power of Rotterdam) at the Rotterdam Theater.

        12 photographers shows the city on their own quirky and unique way. You can find the photos on buildings, squares, trams and crossovers.

        On the initiative of Anne Bloemendaal the photo project “The Power of Rotterdam” could be realized. Mothership conducts as an art producer.

        Visit for more information

          Photo: Bob van der Vlist

          Take a gamble

          A travelling story machine and webplatform which uncover the hidden stories of (former) drug addicts and the homeless of Rotterdam to the city. That´s “You win some, you lose some”!

          The storytelling machine is a specially designed slot machine that seduces the audience to pull the handle of the machine – the machine flashes, rings and the reels start spinning – a short audio story starts. The storytelling machine travels from September 2014 through various Rotterdam institutions and public venues for one year.

          A project of Foundation Shoot-n-Share (Lieke van Pruijssen en Bieke Versloot). In collaboration with Pauluskerk Rotterdam, Nico Adriaans Foundation, ViaKunst, Bier & Brood en Schrikdraad Electronical Design. Commissioned by Stichting Shoot-n-Share and led by Veldwerk. Mothership acted as technical producer.

          Visit for stories and more

            Photo: Harry Schumacher, poster design: Rens van den Berge