Paul Swagerman (1978) is a designer who lives and works in Rotterdam. He studied visual communication at AKI Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Enschede and is a self-employed graphic designer since 2001. OOPS (Office Of Paul Swagerman) is his company. Pauls designs for printed and digital media for various (inter)national clients, mostly from the arts, media and cultural field. His work focusses on graphic and new media design with an editorial, autonomous, narrative and information based scope in the changing scape of media. Paul often works with other self-employed designers and interns.

Monique Sucric (1981) is a photographer who lives and works in Rotterdam. The main theme in her work is the attachment felt by people for their home, a place or a country. Her investigation covers the way in which this emotional band can be construed from environments, interiors, photos, symbols, rites and rituals. This attachment has an illusionistic dimension. Images reflecting this subjective emotional content fascinate her. In her work she relate to the ubiquitous place photography has in our lives; how photos determine our image of our identity and history. She make use of varied types of photographic images: archive photos, family photos, film stills, found-photos and self shot photos. By placing these images in a new context, changing them by manipulation, or combining them with others, they gain a new meaning. Layered stories unfold, taking their cue from the sequencing and combinations of the images.

Rudin Swagerman lives and works Rotterdam. Rudin is a designer, artist and protographer. He is specialized in interaction design and flash player. Rudin is especially interested in new media.