Make it Happen @ Schiedamse Vest

Daan Botlek

Artist Daan Botlek
Description Interactive wall piece that invite people to actively become part of the artwork to create their own image for a photo. As part of the Make it Happen streetart project; city slogan of Rotterdam.
Dimensions 30 (w) x 26 m. (h)
Materials Paint and stainless steel
Location Schiedamse Vest, Rotterdam
Commissioned by City of Rotterdam
Producer Mothership – Jip Vollema
Photographer Mothership
Artist’s website
Thanks to 42workspace
Daan Botlek 05
Daan Botlek 07
Daan Botlek 08
Daan Botlek 04
Daan Botlek 03
Daan Botlek 02
Daan Botlek 01

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