Calypso Fall

Monique Benthin, Rick Messemaker

We proudly present the ‘Calypso Fall’. An artwork based on one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland, called Seljalandsfoss. The artwork regards a 20 meter high waterfall on the grey wall at the Mauritsplaats in Rotterdam. This is the last Rotterdam Make It Happen artwork of 2018. The artists of this artwork are Monique Benthin & Rick Messemaker.

The ‘Calypso Fall’ is a concept by Mothership to brighten up the dark grey wall. The artwork is placed near the residential towers of Calypso, hence the appropriate name ‘Calypso Fall’.

The photo is printed on large sheets. The printing and pasting of the sheets are made possible by Esbi reclame. In front of the wall there are two stones that are meant for visitors, by encouraging them to take a selfie.

Chris Bonis (5)
Chris Bonis (1)
Chris Bonis (4)
Chris Bonis (3)
Chris Bonis (2)
Calypso Fall (2)
Calypso Fall (1)
Calypso Fall (4)
Calypso Fall (3)

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