‘010 The world is yours’

A lot of work has been done at Tiendplein to create a better atmosphere. The plaza has been redesigned and a bright future as a new lively meeting point with terraces will follow.
In 2012, the West-Kruiskade Alliance commissioned the team of Mothership for an artwork in the public space that would emphasize the special character of the square. In that same year on request of Mothership, Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam made the design for the artwork. Well before the two world bolls in front of the Central Station…
From mid-November the special artwork by Arno Coenen en Iris Roskam will be placed on the historical and valuable control house on the renewed Tienplein.
Above the tower a world boll made out of steel lines will float on which the text ‘010 the world is yours’ is integrated. The lines come together into a galaxy that becomes even more visible at night by the illumination of the globe. Tiendplein: sit on a terrace, the world at your feet, the stars above your head…

    ‘Erasmus adagia’ in Rotterdam

    On October 27th, the official unveiling of a series of banners with sayings of Erasmus took place at the Flag Parade at the Boompjes in Rotterdam. On the occasion of the birthday of our famous townsman on October 28th, the municipality of Rotterdam asked Mothership to give the sayings of the great philosopher more visibility.
    Since the beginning of October, several exceptional and surprisingly timeless statements can be seen at several locations. Next to the banners on the Flag Parade, the ‘Erasmus Quotes’ can be found on the side façade of Hotel Emma on the Eendrachtsplein, at the metro station Wilhelminaplein, the air shaft at Kruisplein and at the metro entrance in Central Station. All the texts are designed by Tim Bontan of the design agency Bijdevleet.
    The unveiling of the banners is the first phase of this project. In April and October 2016, a number of new quotes will follow at various locations in the city.

      Underpass Kralingse Zoom

      At Kralingse Zoom, under the A16, starts an underpass which connects Rotterdam and Capelle aan den IJssel for pedestrians, cyclists and an unmanned full electric shuttle bus. The tunnel is experienced as unsafe and unpleasant.
      The project is commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam and is in collaboration with Capelle aan den IJssel. It is Mothership’s job to give the underpass a more pleasant atmosphere. Artist Bruce Tasai Meu Chong is making a mural in which he integrated at both ends of the wall typical features of the municipality of Rotterdam and Capelle aan den IJssel. In the middle of the mural you can see elements that Bruce derived from a workshop he held with school children from the district Fascinatio in Capelle.
      Due to the colourful wall image and the new lighting, the tunnel becomes safer and more enjoyable. As from the end of November it is possible to view the mural in its full glory. The best way to experience the mural is from the shuttle bus, which runs between metro station Kralingse Zoom and the industrial terrain Rivium.

        Photo: Mothership

        Mothership 10 years!

        You probably already knew: Mothership is celebrating in 2015 its tenth anniversary. We will celebrate this by presenting a new book with all the projects we have realised in these ten years. It has become a beautiful book of which we are very proud. The book will be presented on the 5th of November in Annabel, primary to our anniversary party. If you want to join our birthday party you are welcome as from 7 PM at music venue Annabel, Schiestraat 20, Rotterdam. Our party is until 11 PM, afterwards Annabel will take it over. Please let us know by e-mail if you are coming: semih@enterthemothership.com.

          Catharina Kousbroek

          Since October 1st, our team is reinforced with a fresh project manager: Catharina Kousbroek. She got off to a flying start with a number of ongoing and new projects. Catharina worked for Francis Boeske Projects in Amsterdam and has been part of the establishment of the art fair Amsterdam Drawing, where she was involved from 2012 until and including 2014. Furthermore in 2015 she worked for Amsterdam Art Fair.