Jeroen Everaert earns Laurenspenning!

We are very proud of our Jeroen! On the 28th of October, he received the Laurenspenning (a prestigious award in the field of culture and society in Rotterdam) for the enthusiasm, the business acumen and creativity with which he creates relationships between artists and clients.

During his speech he invited his Mothership colleagues, artists and clients to come on stage. “From the bottom of my heart and with full assent of the team, thank you for granting me the Laurenspenning”, says Jeroen Evereart.

    Photo: Frank Hanswijk

    Crawling creatures

    If you were in the center of Rotterdam last month, you must have noticed: some animals have escaped from the Markthal!

    The small animals can be found on the most diverse buildings in the city: Nationale Nederlanden, Unilever, Hotel Emma, Rotterdam Theater, Wold Trade Centre, Bram Ladage and HEMA (both in the Hoogstraat).

    Commissioned by Bureau Binnenstad, Arno Coenen designed the escaped small animals for this city dressing project, called The Great Escape. They are inspired by animals from ‘Horn of Plenty’ and can be seen till about January 2015. Mothership acted as a producer.

      Photo: Joost ten Bruggencate

      Plenty for everyone

      The first of October was a memorable day: finally the Markthal opened it’s doors. Now everybody can visit and see the ‘Horn of Plenty’ by Team Arno Coenen. A moment that we have been working towards to for a long time. None other than Dutch Queen Maxima opened the indoor market place. Meanwhile, the Markthal has already welcomed more than a million visitors.

      Still didn´t visit the Markthal? Check out the opening hours at and be surprised by the versatile supply and beautiful environment.

        Photo: Ossip van Duivenbode

        Restoring a memory

        As often be the case with art in public space, maintenance is needed to maintain the beauty of the piece of art. Such was also the case in Almere for the monument commemorating René Kempenaar.

        For years, René Kempenaar, who suddenly died on April 16th in 2007, fully dedicated himself to the young people of Almere. He wanted to create a cool hang-out for them, where they could gather.

        During the first weeks of October, new mats of tiles were made at Mothership and soon after they were glued in place. Now, the artwork designed by Arno Coenen, looks like new again!

        Thanks to the City of Almere, De Kunstwacht and all the helping hands.

          Photo: Jean-Michel van Braak

          Underground art

          The metro station of Rotterdam Central Station has never looked so artistic. Commissioned by museum Boijmans van Beuningen and RET, the hall of the metro station is decorated with several expressions of the museum.

          Pillars are provided with colorful canvasses, a wall is covered with a full colour sticker and a floor sticker is placed near the stairs from the station. The expressions contain the well known Tower of Babel and the announcement of a new exhibition called The Future Of Fashion Is Now, which can be seen till January 18th, 2015.

          For this project, Mothership acted as a producer. Communication and design agency Thonik is responsible for the design.

            Photo: Jeroen Everaert