Mothership Beyond…

Around the same time last year we celebrated our ten year anniversary with the book ‘Mothership and Beyond’. A visionary title because this year we have actually gone beyond…

    Mothership beyond: Conquering Germany…

    Just over the Dutch border in Rheine Germany, Herman Klaas Projektentwicklung has developed a brand new shopping-mall, the EmsGalery. Thomas Schaper Design is responsible for the mall’s beautiful interior using natural colours and materials and invited Mothership to join the design team. Motherships’ knowledge and experience was needed to add value to the building and shopping experience and attract extra visitors. Just like the concept Mothership designed for the artwork ‘Horn of Plenty’ in the Markthal in Rotterdam, the artwork should draw extra visitors to the EmsGalery and extend their stay inside the mall leading to increasing turnovers for the shop owners.

    Mothership developed a concept for the 5000 square feet ceilings of the mall and invited three artists to design an artwork. Together with the developers and designers of the EmsGalery Mothership chose the design of Dutch artist Margriet Smulders for the three ceilings of the Ems Galery.

    Margriet Smulders created the tryptich ‘Ins Blaue hineintraumen’, her largest work to date. Three big panels with photographic still lifes portray the river Ems that flows next to the newly built EmsGallery. The three panels visualize the source ‘Quelle’, the river flow ‘Strömung’ and the river mouth ‘Mündung’. The artwork not only shows the beginning and ending of the river Ems but also symbolizes the human lifecycle form birth to death. Just like in earlier work of Margriet, nature (flowers, water and animals) plays an important role in this artwork. She has also incorporated textiles, referring to the rich textile history of Rheine.

    TS Visuals was responsible for the high quality printing of the artwork. Just like they did with the ceiling of the Marthal in Rotterdam, they were again more than able to produce prints in rich colours with a perfect finish and a beautiful depth.

    The opening of the EmsGalery received a lot of press coverage in Germany and the Netherlands and showcases the international abilities of Mothership.

    Click here to read the artikel in the Münsterländische Volkszeitung.

      Photo: Sandra Albers

      Art for the casino

      The Casino in Enschede is situated in a very enclosed architectural building that is not exactly welcoming to visitors. The Casino also shares an underground parking garage with the Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital where they also have a hard time getting noticed by visitors. The Casino asked Mothership to help them stand out and make visitors feel more welcome to spend some quality time in their exciting casino. An artwork that is not only welcoming but also makes guests feel happy and excited.

      Calvin Sprague has designed a series of beautiful graphic designs to accentuate the unique features the casino has to offer; meeting people, card games, excitement, food and drinks, live music combined with local symbolism. The 110 meter glass wall on the second floor of the underground parking garage and the entrance of the Casino will be transformed into a colourful procession of classy retro style characters and symbols.

      Thanks to the efforts of Erna aan de Stegge of KunsWerkt Mothership was able to realise this project. For more information about Erna aan de Stegge and Kunstwerkt please click here.

        Impression: Calvin Sprague

        Many Thanks to Rotterdam Partners’ Kim Heinen

        The opening of our Bobbing Forest in March of 2016 in Rotterdam was a huge international success thanks to our public relations partner Coebergh and our partner in Rotterdam: Kim Heinen. Kim was able to mobilize journalists worldwide to report about the Bobbing Forest in the Rijnhaven of Rotterdam. 20 International journalist attended the opening and reported about the ‘Bobbing Forest’ in countries as Korea, Canada, Italy and Romania. The ‘Forest’ was everywhere; ‘Foret Flottante’, ‘Foresta Galleggiante’, ‘Padure Plutitoare’. Thanks to Kim Heinen the Bobbing Forest went viral and could be enjoyed worldwide. Mothership founder Jeroen Everaert was interviewed about the ‘Bobbing Forest’ by Chinese television, Tech Insider posted a film about the Bobbing Forest on their Facebook page that was viewed by 60.000 people. We would like to thank Kim for her enthusiasm and dedication. You can read more here about Kim’s love for Rotterdam, the Markthal, the Bobbing Forest and other highlights.

          Photo: Mothership

          More Water: RiverArt

          RiverArts’ main ambition is creating an artistic trail of at least 25 iconic artworks on the shores of the rivers between Rotterdam and Dordrecht. The Netherlands is known worldwide for its close relationship with water. The country is mainly situated below sea level and two thirds of the Netherlands is vulnerable to flooding. The Dutch have spent a large part of the last century developing a complicated system of drainage ditches, canals and pumping stations to keep the low-lying parts dry. The area between Dordrecht and Rotterdam is considered the birthplace of flood control and water management and from it many industries evolved like dam and dike building companies, dredgers, shipyards and even aircraft developers. RiverArt wants to draw attention to this area by using art as a way to communicate about its history. A collection of artworks by famous (inter)national artists will allow visitors to discover the Rotterdam and Dordrecht area in a whole new way. In the coming ten years at least 25 artworks will be realised on the riverbanks by local companies and will draw visitors to experience the history, beauty, nature and vulnerability of this extraordinary part of the Netherlands. The trail of artworks will not only connect Rotterdam and Dordrecht it will also invite tourists to explore the area on foot, by bike, by car or by boat boosting the local economy.

          RiverArt invites artists from around the world to submit their designs for artworks that would fit within the boundaries of this strategic RiverArt concept.

          The Rotterdam based artist consortium ‘Observatorium’ (Rotterdam), designed the first RiverArt artwork and Dutch artist Yasser Ballemans (Amsterdam) is currently working on the design of the second artwork. You can read more about the RiverArt project in our next newsletter.

            Impression: Mothership

            Geert Mul in Schiedam

            Mothership and Dutch media artist Geert Mul have been working together on projects for the last couple of years. Because we love his work we would like to bring his exhibition, ‘Geert Mul – Matchmaker- 25 years of Media Art, in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam to your attention.

            For more information about the exhibition please click here.

              Photo: Geert Mul, Shan-Shui 2013, interactive installation with visitor