10 years Mothership at Annabel: the party!

Mothership celebrated its 10th anniversary with relations, friends and acquaintances. It was a great party!
During the first part of the evening Jan Dirk Stouten spoke with Motherships founder / artistic managing partner Jeroen Everaert and business and managing partner Vincent van Zon. They looked back on beautiful artworks and fruitful collaborations, as well as forward to new projects. Mothership is confident about the future, with renewal and innovation as drivers. And as always the starting point is of course Jeroen’s mission: bring art to the people, wherever it touches people and where it can enrich the city with positive experience.
They also presented our new book: “MOTHERSHIP AND BEYOND”. The stack of books dwindled as the evening wore on …
After the talks the dance floor started bursting at the seams. A beautiful beginning of a new era…

    Photo: Vincent van Dordrecht

    “Bobbing Forest”
    for Rotterdam

    November 5th, the day of our 10 year anniversary, we heard that CityLab010 will support “the Bobbing Forest” that Mothership is working on. The best birthday gift ever!

    Mothership grasps this opportunity to go green for the city with both hands. “The Bobbing Forest” is an innovative project by Mothership, the realisation of a concept by artist Jorge Bakker. The work is about the way urban residents deal with nature and how nature works on city dwellers.

    After a long time of experimentation and testing finally in 2016 twenty elms in shackles will be lowered in the water. The Rijnhaven will never be the same …

      Artist impression: Olivier Scheffer

      New art work Bruce Tsai at Kralingse Zoom

      On Tuesday, November 24th aldermen Joost Eerdmans (Rotterdam) and Josien van Cappelle (Capelle aan den IJssel) presented the beautiful work of art “Somewhere Nice” by Bruce Tsai. The underpass, for cyclists, pedestrians and the electric shuttle, that connects the Kralingse Zoom with the district Fascinatio for years was perceived as an unpleasant location. With the fresh mural and new lighting starts a new era for the tunnel and its users; from a place to avoid to a fun place to drive through.

        Photo: Mothership

        Unveiling Twisted Fairytales in Utrecht

        The young artist Margriet Breevoort made the artwork “Twisted Fairy Tales” for Community center Kanaleneiland: fairy tale characters with a twist! On November 11th , the work was presented in front of of a large audience.
        The artwork consists of fairy tale characters that look less lovely than you would expect. Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood , frog , rabbit and Nils Holgersson are cast in bronze.
        “Twisted Fairy Tales” is the first work of art in the public space of Margriet Breevoort.

          Photo: Mothership