Minister gets first RiverArt brochure

The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, Melanie Schultz van Haegen, received the first RiverArt brochure on the 10th of May in Dordrecht. The Minister visited Dordrecht together with her fellow foreign Ministers to talk about water safety and climate adaptation. A perfect moment to draw the Ministers attention towards the RiverArt-project.

Together with national and international artists, Mothership, Observatorium and RiverArt will be creating around 20 iconic artworks in the coming 10 years. The artworks will be realized on the banks of the river ‘Noord’ between Rotterdam and Dordrecht. Alongside this river the Dutch fight against water started and created a huge economic impulse for the region. The artworks will not only bind the region and make it a nicer place to live, work and recreate, it will also call attention to its rich history.

If you are interested to find out more about these special artworks, in the line of Dobberend Bos, please hold a close eye on our social media and the newsletters.

    Photo: Han Bakker

    Ready for a shock?

    The hip Rotterdam based design hotel Stroom asked Mothership to develop a new corporate identity, from menu to entrance; everything had to change. The hotel was built inside an old electric power plant in Delfshaven, so it has some beautiful characteristic features. Still there was something missing and that’s why the owner asked Mothership for help. Jeroen Everaert, Mothership’s creative director, asked Thijs Kelder from Studio Ruwedata for the designs and this choice was definitely appreciated by Stroom. Robust designs with electricity playing a central role will transform the look and feel of this hotel over the coming months.

      A Heaven in Rheine

      Our concepts are appreciated far beyond the Dutch borders. Mothership and artist Margriet Smulders have been working together to create 3 mind blowing ceilings for a new 17.000 square meters shopping mall in Germany, the Ems Galerie in Rheine. The Ems gallery is a project of Hermann Klaas Entwicklung. Mothership was invited by interior architects Thomas Schaper en Marielle Wichards to help make the gallery a show stopper.

      Curious about the ceilings? We will keep you posted through social media and the newsletter.

        Impression: Emsgalerie

        Together with Jan Dirk Stouten

        As of today Mothership’s Jeroen Everaert en Vincent van Zon can be hired as motivational and inspirational public speakers. Topics vary from art in public spaces, the power of art in communication, entrepreneurship and the explanation of different business cases. Everaert and van Zon decided to team up with Jan Dirk Stouten following a couple of successful presentations they did together.

        For more information please visit

          Photo: Vincent van Dordrecht

          International design prize for Studio Spass

          In 2015 Jeroen Everaert, Mothership’s creative director, acted as a guest curator for the Kunsthal’s innovative ‘Do it’ Project. This exhibition, by internationally renowned curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, consists of do it instructions by world famous artists. Through public participation artworks were created by following the artists instructions.

          Jeroen Everaert selected the artwork ‘So Me Thing’. An installation created by Jaron Karvinius and Daan Mens of Studio Spass (creative direction for identities, campaigns and installations). ‘So Me Thing challenged the public to influence the work by ripping and tearing of pieces of pieces if material. The ‘So Me Thing’ has won the Bronze European Designers Award 2016.

          Congratulations Studio Spass!!!

            Photo: Studio Spass