Paint within the lines

Zeeland is turning yellow. Because in about two weeks the Tour de France will arrive there.If you have been following Mothership on Facebook, you must have seen the photo’s of the Topshuis on Neeltje Jans. Two huge banners displaying the texts created by Mwah Tekstuele Verwenners in cooperation with Mothership & Rijkswaterstaat: ‘Water you thinking’ and ‘Bring in the Dutch’.

Meanwhile the Brouwersdam has also been decorated with these texts, which show the world that we are proud of our image of good watermanagement to the world. Especially watch the cars in the picture, that shows how big these letters are. Many thanks to the men and women of Leo Mineur who used liters of yellow paint to create this beautiful result.

Bring on the Tour!

    Photo: Veerdonk Visuals

    Beer & Dutch meat sausages in your tracksuit

    Arno & Iris are moving fast forward after the Horn of Plenty in the Markthal. On July 2nd, they even launch their own Eurotrash beer: Kaiser Küttlipp. The event will be held at Vessel 11, the red light vessel in the Wijnhaven, Rotterdam. This is also the first outlet for Kaiser Küttlipp.

    The party starts at 17:30 with free Dutch meat sausages (frikandellen) from the Bar-BQ and music by DJ Frikandel and DJ Dragan.
    Especially for the launch, Arno & Iris asked fashion designer Nada van Dalen to design Eurotrash tracksuits. These ‘supergeil’ suits can be ordered on July 2nd.

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      Get seduced by the girls from Zeeland

      The photo monument has been revealed!

      This took place on Sunday, June 21st, during the ‘Tour de Delta 2015’ with Leontien van Moorsel. The photo monument is a special artwork with a reference to the Tour de France. It shows that the Netherlands is a special (water) country with 13 Deltaworks and it marks the extraordinary finish of the Tour de France in the sea in Zeeland on July 5th, 2015.

      Studio Ruwedata designed the photo monument. It’s made of steel and covered with an offshore coating, onto which stickers have been applied. For this artwork we worked together with Heurkens & Van Veluw, Maas Coating and Cubord.

      The expectation is that during the upcoming years many cyclists and visitors of the Oosterscheldekering will have their picture taken with the Oosterscheldekering in the background. With this we can show to the world what the Netherlands is capable of: water management on a world level.

      Get the picture!

        Photo: Mothership


        We are very happy to announce that Mothership and Kunstwacht will be working together more closely.

        Kunstwacht takes care of maintenance and restoration of artworks in public space. Since Mothership creates artworks in public space and believes it’s very important to maintain the quality of the artworks, this move was a natural one. In this way we can offer an even better total package to our customers and artists.

          Ecce Homo fresco by Elias Garcia Martinez

          We are looking for a sales intern!

          Mothership is growing. That means we want to reach new international markets. We want to map these new markets and create a profile of how to reach these new potential clients.

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