Rotterdam shows its true colors

Rotterdam Unlimited was extra special this year! Not only due to the tropical temperatures, but also thanks to the festive flags that graced the city.

Through a technique called ‘glitch’ images of icons of the city of Rotterdam and previous editions of RU are distorted, which causes for a colorful effect. This is exactly the effect that Rotterdam Unlimited has on the city: it temporarily ‘takes over’ the city and transforms it with a colorful brushstroke. The city is still recognizable (like the images of the icons), but has been temporarily taken over with color and warmth.

Did you miss out on the flags? Do not worry, because next year they will shine again during the next edition of RU!

The colorful gems are designed by Emma van Beek and Natasa Heydra. In collaboration with Rotterdam Festivals and Rotterdam Unlimited, Threesome developed the city dressing for Robin Rotterdam Unlimited 2014. Threesome is an internship project by Mothership in cooperation with Rotterdam University.

    Keep on moving…

    Do you ever stand still in the middle of the crosswalk? Of course not! The movement from A to B, which is suggested by a crosswalk, was also the starting point of the concept of the Superzebra by Emma van Beek. This meters long pedestrian crossing is connecting different parts of the Hoogstraat, which is interrupted by the market square of the Binnenrotte and Marieniersweg. The zebra crossing, functioning as a red carpet, is focussing attention on the shops and restaurants on the ‘other side’ of the Hoogstraat.

    Next to the crossing with the Mariniersweg the Superzebra meets anothers artwork: an exciting array of lines called ‘Game of Lines’, designed by Nicole Martens in collaboration with Mark Stout.

    Commissioned by Bureau Binnenstad Mothership acted as concept developer for the Superzebra and as a producer. Superzebra is part of Threesome, an internship project of Mothership in cooperation with Rotterdam University.

      Siobhan’s big apple

      Ever since Siobhan set foot in our office two years ago, she has talked about nothing else: her dream of following a masters degree in Museum Studies at New York University. After some organizational struggle she is accepted at NYU and is leaving our team. Although we don’t like to miss Siobhan as part of the team, we wish her all the best in the Big Apple!

        Jip on board!

        Starting from the end of July we have a giant of a man joining our team. We proudly present: Jip Vollema.

        As junior project manager, Jip will complement the current team and meanwhile learn the tricks of our trade. With a background in marketing, communications and media, he graduated in 2012 on a project for the band Sven Hammond Soul. Our (art) world is a brand new challenge for him!

        In his spare time he is a keen Feyenoord supporter and he appears regularly as a guitarist in gigs.

          Craziness at ABABA!

          Summer is a good reason for another colorful exhibition in The House of ABABA! During the exhibition ABABA FULL HOUSE we have outdone ourselves!

          Guest artists LouLou & Tummie have left their mark on the windowdisplay and part of the gallery. Their playful imagery, colorful graphics and characters are eye catching! Until August 31, you can drop by at ABABA to see their handmade wooden art toys, plush figures and colorful screenprints.