The Floating Forest

Maybe you have already seen it on Facebook or Twitter: On March 16th the complete Bobbing Forest will be floating in the Rijnhaven, twenty trees in total! The first ever forest on water in the world is the youngest member in the family of iconic landmarks in Rotterdam.
March 16th is National Tree Day; the perfect moment to launch the forest. The launching will be done, under the watchful eye of national and international press, by our special guest….
The Floating Forest broaches current problems like climate change and quality of life in cities. But of course above all it is a very special piece or art that you can enjoy sitting on the benches on the quay, next to the 21st tree.

    Impression: Olivier Scheffer

    Opening Bouwcampus Delft

    On the 13th of January the Bouwcampus in Delft was officially opened. This meeting ground for innovators in the field of living, housing and working invited Mothership’s Jeroen Everaert to talk about the power of art in the public domain. Minister Schultz Verhaegen of Infrastructure and Enviroment and minister Blok of Housing were among the invited.


      Thought-provoking Adagia Erasmus

      These past few months several quotations of Erasmus, a famous Rotterdam born Humanist, emerged all over the city: at the entrance of the subway at Rotterdam Centraal, the central railway station, on the wall of Hotel Emma at the Nieuwe Binnenweg and on the airshafts of the subway on Weena.
      Some of these so-called Adagia by our famous towny are over 500 years old, but surprisingly up-to-date. Marcel Potters shared this view and wrote about it in the RD/AD on the 16th of January.
      The next months you will be surprised by more of his inspiring quotations in public space.

        Rotterdams Dagblad – January 14, 2016

        Bye Semih! Welcome to Nathalie and Thomas!

        Our enthusiastic Semih finished his internship at Mothership and has left us. We will miss him and his brilliant brainstorms!
        In the meantime new blood arrived: project manager Nathalie Wellstood and intern Thomas Bal.

        Nathalie started her career as a reporter/director for national television but after ten years decided to change to the cultural sector. She has since worked as a producer for the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Urban Culture Stage in Rotterdam. She also volunteers for the musicfestival Werfpop in Leiden. In her free time you can find her in a concerthall or (movie)theater. Together with the Mothership team she hopes to make the world a more beautiful place. We couldn’t agree with her more.

        Thomas is in his last year of studying Small Business & Retail Management at the Higher Economic School in Rotterdam. His energy and enthusiasm wil certainly help him graduate. He allready feels really at home in the Mothership team. If he isn’t busy playing hockey or kitesurfing you will probably find him at his new girlfriend.

          Photo: Mothership