Good things come in trees

Everybody at GKB in Barendrecht is working around the clock on the buoys so they can deliver a great job at bobbing the forest. You can admire this new piece of green in Rotterdam from March 16th in the Rijnhaven in Rotterdam.
Interesting fact: until the trees hit the water, they have already absorbed a smashing 1321 kg of CO². And it only gets better; in the first year they will compensate about 1000 km of CO² emission from car driving. That’s right, art and sustainability go hand in hand!

    Photo: Mothership

    Let’s bob to the waves of generosity

    The Bobbing Forest does not stay unnoticed and it’s no wonder. Not only does it add more oxygen to the city, offers more housing to our birdy-friends and looks fantastic all-round, it also gives new life to some old sea buoys. We hope we can inspire people to think more consciously about their environment. This is why Leev, producer of healthy and organic food, has nominated the Bobbing Forest to win a nice amount of money. Leev distributes no less than 75.000 euros between four nominees when enough people share their good deed on their website The four nominees are the Bobbing Forest, the Leev Farm, Timon (organization that helps troubled youth) and Mijn Kind Gezond (My Child Healthy). So thumbs up to Leev for this initiative! We will keep you informed when the voting starts.

      Artist impression: Olivier Scheffer

      Mothership is ready for take-off!

      If you think the sky is the limit, you may be surprised during you next visit to Schiphol! Images by ‘motion designer’ Eline Wieland on a big column can take you on a trip around the world. She is inspired by the most beautiful clouds, which of course are found in our own Dutch skies. We won’t spill too much though! The project is commissioned by Lagardère, a company that owns mostly high-end fashion stores at Schiphol. Stay tuned for more information on this eye catcher!

        Artist impression: Eline Wieland

        Oersoep Update

        In case you haven’t heard yet, Amsterdam, next to Rotterdam is also getting a showpiece by Mothership. It will probably steal all the attention from Dam Square, Van Gogh museum and other tourist attractions but for a good reason. A beautiful mosaic of the Italian men at Zuliani will visualize the Amsterdam canals and it’s many details. From September on you will be amazed by a beautiful passageway by our team of artists: Arno Coenen, Iris Roskam and Hans van Bentem. The artwork is part of the renovation of the Beurspassage, that connects the Damrak with the Nieuwendijk.

          Photo: Wilwy