Jeroen Everaert and Eline Wieland about ‘connecting worlds . head in the clouds’

The work of art ‘connecting worlds . head in the clouds’ is the result of a good co-operation between Mothership, the client Lagardère and the artist Eline Wieland. Jeroen Everaert talked to the interior architect of Lagardère after a lecture he gave on the work of Mothership at the Design Post in Amsterdam. The interior architect was looking for a special piece of art, a real eye-catcher, for a new store of Lagardère.
Jeroen was shown impressions of the set up of the store.

It seemed an almost impossible task: “It had to be something people would visit, but: It was forbidden to actually place something on the floor or hang anything on the walls. Besides, the ceiling hid numerous cables. While watching the impression made of the store we saw an enormous pillar standing at the entrance. Of course it is very much in the way, but you can also choose to embrace it”, says Jeroen.

This is precisely what Mothership stands for: developing concepts and seeing possibilities where others don’t. Jeroen continues: “How great would it be folding a television screen around the pillar. It is complicated to merge two screens, but can be done with the latest technology of LED-screens. It should give you the impression of diving directly into the display. One has to create movement: going upwards and downwards or the other way around.

Lagardère loved the idea and ordered Mothership to make a sketch after which Jeroen could start looking for the right artist.

“Eline Wieland came to mind, I have worked with her before during the course of the opening of the Central Station in Rotterdam for which we made an animated picture for the 40 meter wide LED-screen. She is a bit of a fashionista and she produces beautiful animations. This is a good combination because you have to have a certain feeling for it.”

Eline came up with an animation: “Before the first meeting with Lagardère I filmed an impression of the pillar covered with flexible LED. While making it I envisioned many more possibilities which were even cooler. That is when I combined part of the ceiling with the pillar. After seeing this they were convinced immediately and that is how we started this process.

We asked a company with which Mothership and Lagardère have worked before to help us with the technical side of the LED-screens. The co-operation went very smoothly according to Jeroen.

Eline knew exactly what needed to be done. First I had the notion to show conflicting images like water and fire on different screens. Eline wanted to create one flowing movement, which, in fact, is far more difficult. But that, of course, is her artistic freedom.”

It worked out very well for Eline: “It turned out to be an easy-going co-operation full of trust. It does not happen very often. It all went very nicely between the client and Mothership.”

The work of art has been received very well and was unveiled in front of a small group of invited guests and press, just for this occasion allowed to pass customs at Schiphol. These positive reactions could possibly result in more projects of this kind. Eline: “I would really like to create more installations like this now that I know how to do it. I am sure the result will be even better and that its usage expanded.” Jeroen would also like to meet with Lagardère again to explore further possibilities.

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