In 2012 Mothership was asked to produce an art piece for the Tiendplein in Rotterdam. Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam were the perfect fit for this assignment. The redevelopment of the public space at Tiendplein was completed on December 12 by turning on the light of the beautiful art piece. Three long years, from concept to realization, end with this ‘finishing touch’. On social media the art has been praised extensively.

‘010 THE WORLD IS YOURS’, sings the steal line drawing of the globe that embellishes the pinnacle of the small pavilion. And rightly so: she looks down on a new meeting place with a bright future. During the day a transparant image that symbolizes the international nature of 010; at night a festive signpost for anyone looking for a fun place at Tiendplein and Kruiskade…the world laid out for you, the stars above you….

    Photo: Mothership


    October 27 several banners with aphorisms by our famous compatriot Erasmus were revealed at the Boompjes. This was the first step of the concept Erasmus Adagia, that will slowly take over the city.
    Menawhile several sayings by the big thinker that was born in Rotterdam enrich the city. At the short side of Hotel Emma at the Nieuwe Binnenweg you can read “The whole world is my homeland”, entering the tube at Central Station you are told that “Space seperates bodies, not minds”, leaving the subway at the Wilhelminaplein you are shown “Young people are a country’s hope” and the air ducts at the Central Station read “Let everyone honor his own beliefs without insulting those of others”.
    Since December 9 you find the latest on the air ducts at the Kruisplein: “The most important condition for happiness is wanting to be what you are”. A saying with eternal value… All phrases are in the handwriting of designer Tom Bontan of Bijdevleet.
    Mothership trusts the residents of Rotterdam to enter 2016 with all this wisdom in their hearts.

      Photo: Mothership

      The Power of Rotterdam

      Mothership did it again: we produced the winning pictures of De Kracht van Rotterdam (The Power of Rotterdam). TPOR is a photo exhibition and competition – an initiative of Anne Bloemendaal – that offers the city, its residents and photographers a platform that shows everyone in Rotterdam what the city looks like, what it is and what it could be. Young photographers living in Rotterdam capture the power of the city and its residents in various neighborhoods during 24 hours. The twelve winning photos are shown in public space totally different then where they were taken. The result is that residents of the city are shown to each other, and the image of the city becomes more humane.

      The twelve huge photos that are to be found at eleven different locations were installed during the first week of December. On December 4 the awards ceremony took place at Motherships neighbor Annabel. The exciting winning photo by Lana Mesic was revealed at the backside of the Schieblock.

        Happy new year!!

        We at Mothership are looking forward to the new year! There will be time to grow, sputtering, splashing and crackling.
        We wish everyone a lot of inspiration, zest for life, fun and the wisdom of our friend Erasmus…