Royal Lines – Throne change

Gijs van Bon, Studio Ruwedata

In addition to the many public celebrations planned for the purpose of the coronation of King Willem-Alexander on April 30th 2013, Rotterdam’s entrepreneurs, the municipality of Rotterdam, Nationale Nederlanden and Mothership joined hands to do something that’s typical ‘Rotterdam’ for their city. Mothership quickly came up with the suggestion for a magisterial pair of artists who got together for this occasion: Gijs&Thijs (Gijs van Bon & Thijs Kelder). Together they created an amazing 30 by 35 metre artwork on the side of the Nationale Nederlanden building. Thijs made the fluorescent line drawing from which Gijs developed his projections. The animation shows up best in evening hours, as Queen Beatrix makes way for her son, King Willem-Alexander.

This magisterial artwork was realized in collaboration with Rotterdam entrepreneurs from ‘Rotterdams LEF’, the municipality of Rotterdam, Nationale Nederlanden and Mothership. On the advice of Mothership, Gijs van Bon and Thijs Kelder collaborated for this unique occasion. Mothership also acted as the producer.

Artists Gijs van Bon & Thijs Kelder
Description Animation on line drawing
Dimensions 30 x 35 meters
Presented at Coronation King Willem-Alexander at 30 april 2013
Location Building Nationale Nederlanden Rotterdam
Producer Mothership – Jeroen Everaert
Initiator Rotterdams LEF and Mothership
Commissioned by Nationale Nederlanden
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Thanks to LBS media, AV-R, RED
© Monique Benthin
© Monique Benthin
© Monique Benthin

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